A little about Luna and I..

After 7 months of slowly building a following on Instagram I’ve realised I’ve enjoyed sharing Luna’s journey of growing up! And much to my surprise people seem to enjoy following it! So it seems like the next step is to start up our own blog!

Until recently our Instagram was all about Luna, my 13 month old little girl. We started by documenting her BLW journey and that slowly progressed into a Instagram blog type thing..

In June I announced that Luna was losing her only child status and that I was expecting baby number 2 on Christmas Day! Our Instagram is now used to share Luna’s life and my pregnancy journey.

So a little about me.. my name is Stephanie. I am 25 and I live in Ashford, Surrey (or Middlesex, no one knows!). I’ve been with Luna’s dad for nearly 3 years, we were together for just 9 months before I fell pregnant with Luna! The length of our relationship was never a problem as I knew after about a month of being with Jack that I wanted babies and a future with him! Before having Luna I started my training to become a Primary school teacher. For now that dream has been paused as I want to fully enjoy my babies as much as I can!

I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with baby number 2! As with Luna, we haven’t found the sex of the baby. I struggled with morning sickness up until 15 weeks and then I suffered from awful migraines! Now I feel happy and healthy although the aches are starting to kick in! Being pregnant with a toddler is tough some times!

Luna came into the world on August 10th 2017 after a smooth pregnancy. She was 4 days late and I had to be induced as my waters broke and she still did not want to make an appearance! Shes now 13, nearly 14 months. She’s turning into such an independent little moo! She loves attention, running around like a loon and her daddy! I could honestly watch her all day!

Thank-you for reading my brief little introduction into our lives! My first post will follow soon 😬

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