Our first holiday

Last week ‘Our first holiday’ blog won the poll on my instagram over a post about BLW for my first blog post. But now I’m kind of regretting putting it up as an option as I don’t want to bore anyone! Our holiday was great, but honestly we didn’t really do anything! We sat by the pool everyday and totally relaxed!

Luna and I spent the last two weeks of September in Albufeira, Portugal with my mum and her other half. As much as I was looking forward to my first holiday in like 4 years I was also pretty nervous! Travelling with a one year old did not sound like a relaxing experience! Luna’s a great sleeper, always has been, but only in her cot. Once she hit 6 weeks she stopped napping on me and will fight sleep in her buggy. She’s also recently started walking and hates sitting still so although the flight to Portugal is just 3 hours that’s 3 hours with a fidgety toddler! And don’t even get me started on packing! I packed for myself in about 10 minutes, for Luna it took about a week! Normally I quite enjoy packing!

We flew from Gatwick at 6:05am, which meant we had to leave at 2am to get to the airport, park up and get the bus to the airport! I was totally dreading waking Luna up and feeling really guilty! I waited until the car was loaded and planned on just moving Luna from her cot straight to the car seat so she wouldn’t wake fully up. Silly mummy! Of course she woke right up instantly but she was smiling and laughing so I can’t complain! She was an angel all throughout the airport, and surprisingly she didn’t fall back to sleep. At the point of boarding the plan I was feeling the nerves. Luna hadn’t slept so that meant I was either going to have a quiet flight with a sleeping baby, or I was going to have a nightmare flight with a tired baby who was fighting sleep! Luckily it was the first! Once we got settled on the plane Luna was asleep before we’d even started moving! She slept for well over half the flight and then once she woke up she was happy sitting on mine and my mums laps. She didn’t try and get down which surprised me. The rest of the journey went well, she slept on me on the coach and we spent the first day getting settled and were all in bed pretty early!

We established a routine pretty quickly. Luna would wake up around 8, she’d have her milk and we’d go down to the pool to meet her grandad who was up at the crack of dawn daily! Luna would have a small breakfast of a waffle and a fruit pouch and then play happily on the sun loungers. By 9:30/10 she was ready for her morning nap, and she would do up to two hours! This worked great for me because it meant I got time to relax in the sun and have a read! I mean I nearly didn’t take my kindle because I didn’t expect to get the chance to read! Once she woke up we went to the poolside cafe for lunch. Luna didn’t really do lunch on holiday, must have been the heat, so instead she sat in the high chair trying to get attention from everyone who walked past! Literally every poor soul that walked past Luna would stare down until they looked at her! After lunch we would take Luna into the play area and then go for a dip in the pool. By this time she was ready for another nap! Which is so unlike her! So she’d have another nap, her grandad would go back to the room early and me and my mum would relax with our books, and sometimes a cheeky ice cream! It was a perfect set up! Once Luna woke up we would head back to the room and get ready to go out for dinner.

Luna surprised me so much with how much she slept on holiday. It was lovely! But one thing I struggled with was getting her to eat proper meals, she would just pick at everything. She eats so well at home but the only thing she ate on holiday was fish fingers and fruit pouches! I’m ashamed to say I took a pack of digestives out with me to keep her happy. If she didn’t eat her dinner I would give her a biscuit to keep her in her high chair whilst I finished my dinner. I was worried that her eating habits would follow us home but luckily she’s gone back to eating well and healthy!

One of the highlights of Luna’s holiday was going on the tourist train! We didn’t go on it until the second week and I wish we’d gone on it earlier. She enjoyed it so much! She was laughing and screaming the whole way round the town! She also loved the attention she got on the train! Everyone sharing the cart with us fell in love with her! She was smiling and chatting away! It was so lovely to watch. Before we went on holiday Luna was very shy around strangers but the holiday 100% brought her out of her shell. I just sat there like a proud mummy whilst everyone told me how beautiful and happy she was!

One thing Luna didn’t enjoy as much was the sea! It was her first time seeing it, and she was terrified! It didn’t help that we went to the beach on a very windy day! We stood in the shallows and let Luna stand and get a feel for it herself. She was happy holding my hand to begin with but as the waves started coming in a little more she’d had enough and was climbing my leg! As we were walking away from the sea a giant wave came at us! We probably looked like something from a comedy sketch! Luna was clinging to me screaming and I was trying to catch my mum and keep her upright! I think I caught a group of locals laughing at us!

I think one of the most important items that you need to take on holiday with a toddler is an iPad or a tablet! We predownloaded Luna’s favourite nursery rhyme videos and it was a total life saver! When Luna was feeling tired we would pop it on and she would settled down with her comfort blanket and watch it happily. When we were out and about we would have the sound off, or very low. Personally I hate when your sat in a restaurant and you can hear bloody Peppa pig playing from the iPad 5 tables back!

Overall we had a lovely two weeks, part of me worried that two weeks would be too long. But it was perfect, it was a lovely place to visit and it was great to spend the time with my mum. I’ve been back for a week and a bit and I’ve still not fully unpacked! Writing this has made me quite sad that I’m not still there!

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