My baby’s gender according to old wives tales!

One thing you find when you don’t find the sex of your baby is that everyone will try and guess the sex! Most people guesses are based on old wives tales or ‘feelings’! I find it amusing as a lot of people were convinced I was carrying a boy with Luna! So I’ve decided to explore some of these old wives tales further! Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed any that you’ve heard!

Morning sickness:

Some say that morning sickness and nausea indicate your having a girl. I did have bad nausea and a fair bit of sickness in the first 16 weeks with this bubba, the same as what I had with Luna. But my sister in law who was pregnant at the same time as I was with Luna didn’t have any. And she was also carrying a girl!


Sweet vs Salty:

Apparently if you crave sweet foods you are carrying a girl. Salty and savoury foods mean you are going to have a boy. I have been craving chocolate and yogurt the whole way through this pregnancy which is strange for me as I am addicted to crisps! I’ve barely eaten crisps with this baby! I also had a huge sweet tooth with Luna.


Pregnancy ‘glow’:

So if you have a natural ‘glow’ about you when your pregnant it’s meant to mean your having a boy. If your skin is bad and your having breakouts your meant to be having a girl! So I haven’t noticed either of these. I’ve had lovely clear skin but I haven’t noticed a ‘glow’ so honestly I don’t think I can say either way on this one!


Partner’s weight gain:

This one to me just sounds a bit ridiculous! Apparently if your partner gains weight throughout your pregnancy your expecting a girl! I don’t even know who thinks of these things! But to be fair Jack did put a little on last year, which happened to be when I was pregnant with Luna! This time though I haven’t noticed he’s put any on, if anything he’s lost a little.



If your mood hasn’t really changed and your pretty mellow through your pregnancy your supposed to be having a baby boy! If your moody then your supposed to be having a girl. I was 100% a grump at the beginning of this pregnancy and I still find myself getting moody for no reason at all (poor Jack)! I’m pretty emotional this time around but I can’t remember how I was with Luna.


Low or High:

A low bump is meant to indicate a boy and a high bump is meant to indicate a girl. I’m not sure how low my bump is but I was definitely a lot higher with Luna. Luna I would struggled to catch my breath but I’ve not had that problem this time!


Bump Shape:

Apparently the shape of your bump matters too! If your carrying ‘ a ball ‘ then your having a boy, if you have put weight on all over then your carrying a girl! I totally don’t believe this because with Luna I just carried at the front and had no other weight gain. This time is the same, the ‘ball’ shape is getting more defined as time goes on!



So maybe it’s the hormones but apparently your hair is affected by the gender of your baby! If your hair is luscious and thick your having a boy, if it’s dull and limp your having a girl. Both pregnancies my hair has been so thick! Also if you have extra body hair that could mean your having a boy, and I’ve got a total gorilla belly!!


Chinese Gender Prediction:

Theres a chart that uses your age at conception and the month of conception to ‘predict’ your baby’s gender. So I was 24 and my baby was conceived in March which means I am having a girl! (Although it predicted boy for Luna!)


The Linea Nigra:

So the dark line that runs from the bottom of your bump to your belly button can also signify what sex your baby is! If your ‘Linea Nigra’ continues past your belly button then your having a baby boy! Mines is pretty faint but it doesn’t continue to the top of my bump. Although I did find it was darker with Luna!


There are so many different tests to try out too! A ring one, a garlic one, one using your urine and even one to see if your pupils dilate or not! I’ve just kept it simple with these but like I said at the top, if you’ve heard any more let me know in the comments!

Based on these old wives tales, baby number 2 is going to be a…. BOY!

We’ll see in 3 weeks and 6 days whether the wives tales are true or false!!

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