My Labour Story

Right, this is going to be a bit of a long one. But at the same time I feel like I’ve skimmed over everything so if there is anything else you would like to know or read about in more detail, just leave me a comment.

In the past I’ve seen other bloggers post their birthing stories weeks after their babies were born. I always wondered what took them so long. I type this as Thea is 13 weeks old.. life with a newborn just goes too fast! I had the most perfect birth with Thea and I have been so excited to write about it, but life has a habit of getting in the way.

So some of you who follow me on Instagram may remember that Thea was due on Christmas Day. For two weeks before my due date I experienced a few false starts so I convinced myself that it (didn’t know she was a girl at this point) would be early and I would have my baby by Christmas. Christmas Eve came and I was still pregnant, I was starting to get nervous as I really did not want to give birth on Christmas Day. I didn’t want to miss Christmas with Luna and I didn’t want the baby to have a Christmas Day birthday. Luckily Christmas Day came and went, we had a fab time and got to fully enjoy the day. Luna fell asleep at my nan’s house so we left her there for the night, we didn’t want to wake her up and she was surrounded by my family. I was looking forward to a nice lie in! Little did I know it was to be our last opportunity for a lie in before baby arrived!

I woke up on the 26th around 9am to mild cramps, which were standard so I didn’t think too much about them. I went to the toilet and discovered I had lost my plug. The cramps started getting more intense and I knew this time was different. I was suddenly feeling scared and sick, to be truthful I was shitting myself! It hit me that I was about to give birth again! Once the panic was over Jack and I got ready. We were supposed to be going over Jacks Mum’s house in the morning and then back to my Nan’s in the afternoon for Boxing Day dinner. I wanted to go straight to my Nan’s and spend some time with Luna as I wasn’t sure when I would be going to the hospital.

As we were getting ourselves ready the contractions were increasing and becoming more intense but in the car on our way they pretty much stopped. I was feeling really disappointed as I thought it was just another false start. When we got to my nan’s and I found that when I stood the contractions carried on but when I sat they stopped. I spent most of the afternoon walking around my nan’s living room! We decided to go for a walk, most people saying walking is one of the most helpful ways to bring on labour and what did I have to lose!

There’s a small green near my nan’s so we ( Jack, Luna, my mum, stepdad and aunt! ) went for a walk around there. As soon as we started walking the contracts intensified drastically. I was pausing regularly to focus on my breathing and counting my breathes. I would breathe in for 6 counts and breathe out for 8. I practised my breathing technics throughout my pregnancy as part of hypnobirthing so I just focused on that. We walked around half of the green but contractions were coming in thick and fast so Jack and I made our way back to my nan’s to call the hospital.

The hospital weren’t answering the phone and my contractions were every few minutes, my midwife had said as it was my second baby I was to go to the hospital when the contractions were three every ten minutes. I was feeling anxious so we left for the hospital, I felt so guilty sneaking away from Luna. If she had seen us leave she would have got upset! Although I thought the hospital were going to send me home so I thought I would see her again shortly.

I’m not 100 percent on the time but I think we went to the hospital at about 4:30/5pm. I carried on using my breathing techniques to stay calm. My mum was to settle Luna and follow about 20 minutes later. When we got to the maternity unit I was told to do a urine sample and wait to be examined. I was told there was be a 20 minute wait as I wanted to give birth in the birthing centre and there was no midwife there. As I walked to the toilet to do my sample I had a brief moment of panic. I was panicking as I had to wait, I was scared the baby would come and I wouldn’t be ready. During this panic I had a contraction, I clung on to Jack as the pain was unbearable. I wasn’t focusing on my breathing and I was simply panicking. As soon as I realised my contraction was so painful because of the panic I controlled my breathing once again. It shocked me that without my breathing control the contractions were so much worse. Don’t get me wrong, they were still awful with the breathing but without was a whole other level.

We were in the waiting room as I was having constant contractions, I couldn’t sit down. I just stood there holding onto Jack’s shoulder counting my breathes. In between contractions I was watching the activity around us, I heard one woman moaning she had been there for days and was still not in active labour. I remember thinking I bet that will be me, they’ll send me home to wait once they’ve examined me. We were finally called in to be examined, I was fully expecting the midwife to say I was 2-3cm dilated, so imagine my shock (and relief and fear!) when she informed me I was 7cm! I was so happy that I had reached 7cm before coming to the hospital! My mum had just arrived so I was very proud to tell her!

We were quickly taken to the natural birthing centre, which I remember being the longest walk of my life! When we got to the room I so pleasantly surprised. There was a large birthing pool, a small bed that did not resemble a hospital bed but looked comfy and inviting. The room felt cool and calm and it was so quiet as I was the only one in the birthing centre. The midwife began to run the water and Jack went to get my stuff out of the car. The contractions were coming faster and more intense, I rang Jack to tell him to hurry up as I worried he would miss the birth, even though he had only been a few minutes!

Once the pool was ready I got in, it surprised me how warm the water was. It was such a relief to relax in the water. It was deeper than I expected too, at one point I nearly went under! As soon as I got in the bath I starting feeling the need to push! This once again panicked me, especially as the midwife had left the room. I was shouting to my mum to get the midwife, although at the time I was calling her the lady! She came back in and she was encouraging me to go with my body. At first I didn’t know what to do as with Luna I had an epidural so I didn’t know when to push and I had to be told. I felt I needed the midwife’s permission to push! As the feeling got stronger I started to push on my contractions, I had no control my body was just going with it.

After about three sessions of pushing there was a huge popping feeling of my waters breaking and suddenly a head was there! I remember my mum shouting ‘oh my god look at all that hair’ and trying to encourage Jack to have a look! He was having none of it and I had to direct my mum away from having a good old stare down there, not that she listened! So I’m squatting in the pool, leaning forward, holding on to the side. When I get the most uncomfortable feeling, like someone had put their hand up my moo and started scratching! I shouted at the midwife ( who was behind me so I couldn’t see her) ‘what the fuck are you doing ?!’ I thought she was having a rummage around, but no, it turns out the baby was having a fidget! I should of known, she fidgeted the whole way through my pregnancy so why not the labour too! I swear the feeling was worse than the contractions!

After a few more pushes my baby was born! I was in the birthing poor for a total of 45 minutes. The midwife held her up to Jack and I and we were so surprised to see we had another little girl! We were convinced she was a boy, we didn’t even have a girls name! She looked so tiny and skinny and had a full head of dark hair! I held for for a little bit and then Jack cut the cord. I feel like this time went very fast as they encouraged me to get out of the water because they were worried about the amount of blood I was losing. I got out and my mum and Jack fawned over our baby girl whilst I gave birth to my placenta, which was an awful experience.

It wasn’t until after I realised how quickly she came. She was born at 6:44 and we had only been in the birthing room for about an hour. I gave birth with no form of pain relief, not even gas & air. I used my breathing techniques throughout, and although I didn’t use my mediation tracks I have hypnobirthing to thank for my amazing birth! I’m so proud of that achievement, and I do not mean to belittle women who have every drug possible.I mean I had an epidural with Luna! I was also induced with Luna, which meant I was monitored, connected to a drip, and unable to have a water birth. My birth with Thea was much more relaxed, I was more relaxed which I believe is why I didn’t need the pain relief. As painful as it was there was only one moment when I didn’t think I could cope. When people tell you to relax and breathe you think easier said than done, I remember thinking it was just hippy crap. But honestly just focusing on my breathe got my through my labour and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would honesty recommend hypnobirthing to anyone expecting a baby. I did not go to classes and did it all at home. I have written a blog previously about how I practised hypnobirthing if it is something you are interested in pursuing.

I was discharged just a few hours later, no over night stay and no stitches! Thea Ivy Corso was born at 18:44 on December 26th 2018 weighing in at 7lb 6.

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