Lollipop Camera Review

We were very kindly sent a Lollipop camera to review when Thea was born. I was so excited as this is my biggest collaboration! I’ve seen so many amazing posts about these cameras and I could not wait to try it out!

When it arrived I was amazed by how gorgeous it is. I mean for a baby monitor it’s so cute! It was so well packaged and neat. It was very clearly labelled with clear instructions. Thea sleeps in a Tutti Bambino beside crib so there were no bars for me to connect the camera to. But this was no problem with the Lollipop camera! The handle bends and I was able to wrap it around the top of the crib, and position it so I was able to see Thea!

At 6 weeks old I started to take Thea up to bed at about 8pm to get her used to having a bed time. I was reluctant to do so until the camera arrived. I wanted to be able to see her and make sure she was okay to ease my mind. The camera was so easy to set up to my phone, it just connects through the WiFi. I’m not the most tech savvy person and I still managed to do it easily! Once it’s set up on your phone you can name the camera, so if you have more than one you know which is which. I called ours ‘Thea Cam’! The picture quality is so clear, even in the dark! The sound quality is great too, I had a cheap monitor off of eBay for Luna and you can really tell the different in the sound and picture quality. One of my favourite things about the app was if you have the app closed or your phone locked and the baby starts crying or stirring you will get a notification.

Another handy extra with this camera is that you can speak through it, to soothe your baby. There are also preset white noises and classical music to play. Thea sleeps with white noise, if you follow us on Instagram you will know that Thea has a myhummy bear. Occasionally the bear runs out of battery and being the great mum I am, I always forget to buy new ones! When this happens the white noise that I can play through the camera is a total life saver! You can set it for the time you want it to play too which is a fab bonus! And Luna loves to have a little dance to Mozart!

When travelling to my Mum’s in Nottingham I always take the camera with me. It’s so easy to set up and doesn’t take up any room in my packing! I was a little nervous the first time as I find the WiFi strength isn’t great at my Mum’s, but there were no problems with the image or sound. I would 100% recommend this baby monitor and I really wish I had one with Luna! I will be moving into the girls’ room once Thea moves in there so I can keep an eye on the both when sleeping and playing! Thankyou so much Lollipop Camera!

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