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When Luna was born I had no idea about white noise to help babies settle. After a couple of months I did invest in a certain popular farmyard animal who plays white noise but I found that he didn’t really help Luna’s sleep. After one bad night I sat up frantically researching about sleep aids, as I’m sure many newborn mums have done! I found that white noise needs to be played throughout the night and not for just 20 minutes. MyHummy then appeared on a sponsored post on Facebook, (with probes Facebook could obviously see what I had been searching up!) I had a nose on their website and fell in love with ‘Fleur’. Fleur was £60 which I thought was too expensive meaning I was hesitant to buy her. One night I played white noise on YouTube continually throughout the night and it was the first night Luna slept through! (Also happened to be the day we went to Paris so I had to wake her at about 5am so I didn’t get to fully enjoy the moment!) After that I decided that the myHummy was the right investment. £60 for a good night sleep was nothing at that point! Once Fleur arrived Luna was sleeping through, I found her day time naps improved too. She used Fleur for about 6 months.

When I fell pregnant with baby number two I knew that I was going to use the myHummy from birth. I wanted to get a new bear for the baby as myHummy had brought out a Bluetooth feature but I didn’t find out the baby’s sex and money was tight. Just before baby was due we were kindly gifted one of the new style myHummy that had recently been launched. I was so excited to get it! We picked Leon as he was the most unisex design. Leon had a Bluetooth heart, which meant I could connect it to my phone to control the volume, sound, ect. It was so easy to set up and simple to run!

For the first few nights I didn’t use the myHummy. Thea was pretty unsettled, I felt that she wasn’t comfortable in her cot which made me quite anxious as we had forked out for a new bedside crib. The last thing I needed was for her to hate it! After a few nights I introduced the Thea to Leon! That night she was far more settled, she woke twice for feeds but was straight back to sleep and self settling in her cot. Leon came with a heart pouch which you can attach to your car seat or buggy. Thea would sleep with Leon at night and then in the day when we were out and about I would take the pouch which was so handy! Although we loved Luna’s Fleur, Leon was such an improvement. The Bluetooth and the pouch made life much easier. I also found the battery life is much better now. With Fleur we were using so many batteries but Leon has a much longer life on him!

Thea still uses Leon every night, and she has been sleeping through since 10 weeks. A few nights ago the myHummy ran out of battery in the night, and Thea woke up at 5:30. Normally she sleeps until 8 or 9. I didn’t get any batteries for a couple of days and each morning she would wake up early. As soon as I replaced the battery she went back to sleeping in.

I am so grateful for our myHummy. I haven’t given myHummy an amazing because I was gifted one, I would have given the same review back when I brought Fleur for Luna. I just hadn’t started my blog at that point. It is newborn must have and I recommend it to all my friends with babies!

8 thoughts on “myReview – myHummy

  1. I can’t believe how much white noise helps to settle them! The pouch for the car or buggy is such a good idea. I’m glad myhummy helped your little one to sleep so well. Xx


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