A Change of Scene..

As a small shop owner I understand how much a review or a post promoting my shop can benefit. I am in a fortunate position where I have a reasonable following on Instagram which means I can help other small shops by reviewing and promoting them. Helping other mums build their business is important to me.

From now on my blog will be mainly a review blog. If you are already subscribed you will now that I have already done two reviews. It’s something I enjoy and am passionate about. I personally find honest reviews by other mums so helpful when purchasing new products for my girls. I would love for someone to read my blogs and feel inspired to buy a product I love, or shop from a smaller family shop. If I can help an instagram shop make even just one sale I will be over the moon!

I will be honest with my reviews, I will not rave about a product if I did not actually like it. I will not be harsh but I will be fair. I hope that other mums will be able to trust my opinions and know that I am not just promoting a product because it has been gifted.

Thankyou for reading. I hope you enjoy my reviews and support small shops with me!

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