Pippa-Rose Review

I was contacted by a lovely lady on Instagram who owns @pipparose15. Since having her second baby her business has been put on hold. After reading my instagram post about wanting to review and promote small shops she contacted me to say she would love me to review some of her products to help boost her business. My post inspired her to reopen which means a lot to me!

Pippa-Rose was created by Abigail, a mum who suffers from anxiety. She found candles created a relaxing, safe environment. As a mum it’s hard to find time for yourself, so Abigail created all natural products to help mums relax. Scented candles, hand cream, bath salts, lip scrub and face masks. All created for mums who get small amounts of time to themselves, to help them feel calm and safe. All of the products are natural and the scents are subtle, made with essential oils. We agreed I would review a candle and the hand cream. When the parcel came I was also sent a lip scrub and face mask which was a lovely surprise!

My first impressions were the bottles and containers looked really clean and professional. The ingredients and instructions were simple but clear. The glass candle came in a lovely box with the Pippa-Rose logo. The package smelt lovely! Obviously the first thing I did was get every thing out and smell it!

Hand & Nail Cream:

I love hand creams, I’ve been through so many and I can happily say this is one of the best ones I’ve used. It’s not greasy but my hands have never felt so soft. I feel like I change 100 nappies a day with the girls so my hands dry out pretty fast. Since using the Pippa-Rose hand cream they’ve felt lovely. My favourite thing about the hand cream is the smell, as you may have guessed I’m pretty obsessed with smells! Lavender is my favourite scent of all time so imagine my delight when I read that lavender essential oil is one of the ingredients! When I use it I have a little moment of bliss and relaxation when I breathe in the scent! It reminds me of the smell of a spa, the smell of the relaxing oils and candles that are used. The hand cream is in a bottle with a pump which is handy, I would love a tube for my changing bag though!

Sugar Lip Scrub:

I personally have never used a lip scrub before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I must admit I was surprised by the texture, I didn’t expect it to feel so sugary! It has peppermint essential oil in it, that mixed with the sugar honestly makes it smell good enough to eat! When I applied it on to my lips it was so hard not to lick it off! My lips get very dry when I’ve been out in the sun so I tried this scrub after a particularly sunny day. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised, I’ve always thought lip scrubs were just a gimmick product and lip balm was good enough. This scrub left my lips feeling lovely and soft. They also felt quite plump which was an unexpected bonus!

Green Tea Clay Face Mask:

Since having Thea my skin has been pretty dull and dry. After using this mask twice my skin is so much nicer. My makeup also sits on my face much better. As you may have guessed I also enjoyed the smell of this product! It smells and feels so much more natural than face masks you can get in high street shops. One thing I found strange was the face mask didn’t dry out, at first I thought that may have meant it wasn’t as effective. But once I washed it off my face didn’t feel dry and tight like it does with other face washes and masks I’ve used. Once I’d washed it off I used a few pumps of the girls’ Child’s Farm moisturiser, my skin felt so lovely and soft!

Black Oud Candle:

I was most excited for the candle! I love, love, love getting new candles! I think there’s nothing better than putting the girls to bed and then coming down stairs and lighting a candle, especially in the winter months! So the first time I used the candle I wasn’t getting much of a smell, then my partner comes down stairs complaining that the room stinks of fish. I quickly got up and realised it was coming from the candle. I was so disappointed as I was really looking forward to the candle and it smelt so lovely before I lit it! The next day I messaged Pippa-Rose to inform her of the problem with the candle. She was surprised as she’d never had that before, so I thought I’d give the candle another light. This is when I realised the smell of fish wasn’t coming from the candle, I had put the candle on a shelf that has another shelf just above it! The flame had burnt the top of the shelf, the smell was burning plastic! I felt like such an idiot having to explain the situation to Pippa-Rose! Luckily she just laughed it off and was relieved there was no problem with her candle! I moved the candle and relit it. I was so happy that the candle actually smelt lovely! I left it burning all day and expected the jar to have gone down a lot, but you could barely notice it had been used. I’ve used the candle so much over the past two weeks but it has only burnt down an inch or so!

I would honestly recommend these products to anyone! They’re natural and they smell Devine! Pippa-Rose is run by such a lovey lady and I’m totally going to order myself some of her bath salts! Please follow @pippa_rose15 on Instagram and share some love!

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