‘bakerdays’ Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by bakerdays via Instagram to see if I would be willing to review one of their cakes. Of course I jumped at the offer! Who is their right mind would say no to cake! With my birthday approaching it was perfect timing. (I knew Jack would forget to get a cake anyway!) I was asked to review their ‘Letter Box’ cake, a cake that will fit perfectly through your letter box! Sounds perfect! It means you can surprise your loved ones with a cake and you don’t need to worry if they are going to be in to accept the package! Genius idea if you ask me.

I was sent to their website to my order my cake, I was blown away by the choice of designs! There’s so many to choose from, including personalised photo cakes. I was tempted to order one with a little cat on it because if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know how much Luna loves cakes! But then I changed my mind and thought what’s better than getting a picture of the girls and I on the cake! The website was super easy to navigate. They also have options for bigger cakes, balloons and gift sets.

The cake arrived the day before my birthday as it was on a Sunday. It came in a sturdy letterbox sized cake. When the postman posted it, it hit my floor with such a thud I thought it was going to be in bits! When I opened the box there was a round tin that was protected by an air package. The tin fit so well in the box that there was no room for movement. Once I opened the tin there was also those styrofoam wotsits around the cake for further protection. Much to my surprise the cake was perfectly intact!

The design was simple but very pretty. There was a picture of the girls and I surrounded by flowers with a message. It was so cute, I didn’t want to cut it! I’m glad I did though, it was one of the best sponges I’ve had! I expected it to be a little dry or dense, but it was fluffy and light! I’m not the biggest fan of icing, I normally peel mine right off. But this icing wasn’t too thick so I actually had a few bites before I peeled it off and lost it to Luna! There is a little bit of jam on the bottom of the cake which is great but a little sticky!

Overall I was really pleased with my cake. The customer service at bakerdays is great and you can tell they really care about their product with how well it was packaged! The cake itself was so tasty and light. I shared it with my mum and she was so impressed that she’s now looking to ordering one, even though she has no occasions coming up!

Click here to order a photo birthday cake like mine!

bakerdays delivery information

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